What is HKB?

Marco Polo may have been the first Westerner to try Chinese alcohol.

While journeying through ancient China, Polo tried a“clear, bright and pleasant” alcohol that was, in his words,“so excellent and flavorful that the Chinese wish for no other.”
The enchanting crystal-clear spirit known as baijiu (bye-j’oh) is the Middle Kingdom’s best-kept secret.

Today HKB wants to share this fascinating discovery with the world. Like Marco Polo did centuries earlier, our team ventured into China’s hinterland on a quest.
We set out to find the finest Chinese spirit for foreign palates; only the finest ingredients and purest blends would do.

Some secrets are just too good to keep to yourself.

A traditional manufacturing process

HKB—Hong Kong Baijiu—brings Eastern winemaking traditions to the Western world.

Baijiu, which literally translates as “white spirits,” refers to an entire category of distinct spirits with a wide range of tastes and textures. Unlike its Western counterparts, all baijius are fermented and distilled in a solid state. The yeasts used in baijiu production are naturally harvested on site, imparting a striking depth of flavor specific to each distillery: Every baijiu is a world unto itself.

HKB baijius are made entirely of organic ingredients. Each spirit is a handcrafted small-batch liquor blended to perfection according to ancient Chinese techniques passed down through the centuries by master distillers.

HKB Strong Aroma is a five grain Baijiu from Sichuan. Once fermented in old mud pits for several weeks and distilled in pot stills, the liquor is aged for several years in ceramic jars.

Before bottling, HKB is refined through a filtering process to remove impurities and enhance the very unique aromas of a multi-secular distillate into a smooth, still complex and aromatic spirit.